The McKinney Fund & Company has been more than 160 years in the making. Rooted in a legacy that traces back to Collin McKinney, one of the founders and first settlers of Texas, we are spurred onward by a deep-seated sense for the value of real estate. In every investment project we undertake, we continue in the standards of integrity, pioneering and vision that Collin McKinney staked his life on.

Guided by the wisdom only years of experience can provide, we established the McKinney Fund & Company to take advantage of opportunities and invest in unique real estate developments and purchases in multiple asset classes. In the past 10 years we have underwritten more than $4 billion in real estate, provided over 20% returns, and currently have over $500 million in assets under management.


Established on a legacy of integrity and pioneering older than Texas itself.

  • 1836

    Collin McKinney helps draft and signs the Texas Declaration of Independence

  • 1846

    Collin County, Texas is founded

  • 2008

    Tim Moore, a direct descendent of Collin McKinney, and the GLO of the State of Texas initiate the McKinney Fund

  • 2009

    Tim Moore and Dan Patterson become partners in the McKinney Fund & Co.

  • 2013

    The Collin Fund is established with a continued relationship with the GLO of the State of Texas and over $400 million of assets under management.

  • 2018

    The Collingsworth Fund is established and assets under management grow to over $500 million.



Time lends itself to making friends. By holding character as the most important quality, we have developed a network of not only skilled, but trustworthy, real estate lenders, brokers, and operating partners that spans the country.

We have forged a path only we can continue. Our proprietary deal flow cannot be replicated overnight. Through the 100 years of combined real estate experience of our staff and Major Decision Committee, we are able to find and vet many potential investments quickly.